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Fantasy/Sci fi/Cyber punk/Post Apocolitic/ Dark fantasy/ Science Fantasy...Its all here

My husband wanted me to separate all the categories but i found that only 9 did not quite fit the  "fantasy" title with 3 being post-apoc, 3 being Sci-fi, and 3 being Occult (containing ghosts). so I decided against it for now

June 29, 2018

English: Fullmetal Alchemist
Romaji: Hagane no renkinjutsushi
Japanese: 鋼の錬金術師 

The story line we see is set in episodes 3-10 of FMA: Brotherhood with several elements left out. It has one of the most gut-wrenching scenes from the whole anime in it, but it did not...

June 27, 2018

  • Title: 0号室の客

  • Title (romaji): 0 Goshitsu no Kyaku

  • Also known as: Guest in Room 0

Set in a city hotel called Point, where there is a strange "Room 0" that can reveal one's "grade" as a human being. Various guests with different...

June 27, 2018

  • Drama: xxxHOLiC

  • Romaji: CLAMP Dorama Horikku xxxHOLiC

  • Japanese: CLAMPドラマ ホリック xxxHOLiC

Kimihiro Watanuki high school pupil and loner has a secret, he can see ghosts, a gift or curse he could well do without. One day he i...

April 18, 2018

Akagi (2015)
Native title: アカギ

Akagi Shigeru is a young, white-haired mahjong genius. One summer in 1965, he ends up facing off against Washizu Iwao, Japan’s King of Darkness who has amassed enormous fortune and power, at the request of his acquaintance, the rogue detec...

April 15, 2018

  • Drama: Tokio

  • Romaji: Tokio chichi he no dengon

  • Japanese: トキオ 父への伝言

The 18th NHK Yorudora is Tokio, based on a 2002 science-fiction novel by Higashino Keigo, the same author who wrote Byakuyako.

The painful tears and deep emot...

April 13, 2018

  • Native title: 镇魂街

  • Also Known as: Zhen Hun Jie , 镇魂街网剧版

Xia Ling, is a senior college student and looking for jobs. After a freak accident where she is the only survivor, she continues to live her life, however when many m...

February 5, 2018

  • Movie: Silver Soul (literal title)

  • Romaji: Gintama

  • Japanese: 銀魂

Set in a parallel universe around the Edo period.

Alien species Amanto attack planet Earth. The people on Earth fight back against the aliens for more than 10 years. The Shogunate sees...

January 19, 2018

  • Movie: ReLIFE

  • Romaji: ReLIFE

  • Japanese: ReLIFE

Arata Kaizaki (Taishi Nakagawa) is 27-years-old and unemployed. He quit his prior job after working for the company for 3 months. Arata Kaizaki decides to take part in a research p...

January 19, 2018

  • Movie: Platinum Data

  • Romaji: Puratina Deta

  • Japanese: プラチナデータ

Set in the year 2017, the Japanese government attempts to secretly control the DNA of its people. Ryuhei Kagura (Kazunari Ninomiya) is a top scientist in the field o...

December 27, 2017

  • Movie: Gantz

  • Romaji: Gantz

  • Japanese: 前編

College student Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) notices former childhood friend Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) helping a drunk man who fell from a subway platform. Kei Kurono then jumps...

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