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June 6, 2017

  • Drama: Honey and Clover

  • Romaji: Hachimitsu to kuroba

  • Japanese: ハチミツとクローバー

Hagumi Hanamoto has just moved to Tokyo to attend an art college. She is a genius painter but an extremely shy girl. One day in April, Yuta Takemoto, a junior majoring...

May 9, 2017

Four schoolboys find themselves the last virgins left at school. During the summer holidays, a girl they knew as children 11 years ago, moves back to the neighborhood. Despite their childhood attraction to her, they realize she is a mere shadow of the "princess" they a...

May 7, 2017

  • Drama: Tokyo Dogs

  • Japanese: 東京DOGS~最悪で最高のパートナー~

Kanade Takakura (Shun Oguri) is an elite detective from the New York Police department. He has a very keen sense of judgement but is cold and inflexible. Kanade lost his father in a m...

April 10, 2017

Drama: Kisarazu Cat's EyeRomaji: Kisarazu Cat's EyeJapanese: 木更津キャッツアイ

  • Twenty-one year old former high school baseball player, Kohei, learns that he is dying from cancer. He is told that he only has six months to live, and decides that he wants...

April 10, 2017

  • Drama: The Mysterious Thief Yamaneko

  • Romaji: Kaito Yamaneko

  • Japanese: 怪盗 山猫

Yamaneko (Kazuya Kamenashi) is a mysterious thief. He steals money from people and corporations doing evil. In the process, he also exposes their evil deeds. (http://asian...

April 10, 2017

  • Drama: Gokusen

  • Romaji: Gokusen

  • Japanese: ごくせん (第1期)


  • Drama: Gokusen 2

  • Romaji: Gokusen 2

  • Japanese: ごくせん (第2期)


  • Movie: Gokusen: The Movie

  • Romaji: Gokusen The Movie

  • Japanese: ごくせん THE MOVIE

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