• Drama: xxxHOLiC

  • Romaji: CLAMP Dorama Horikku xxxHOLiC

  • Japanese: CLAMPドラマ ホリック xxxHOLiC

Kimihiro Watanuki high school pupil and loner has a secret, he can see ghosts, a gift or curse he could well do without. One day he is drawn to the house of Yuko ichihara, a self styled dimensional witch who offers to cure him in return for an unspecified length of service as her house boy. Watanuki and his friends are slowly drawn into a world of ghosts, God and demons and an unending battle between the forces of positivity and the darkness.

—Munstrum Ridcully

OAL: a good little supernatural drama. a nice way to pass the time. I have not seen the anime nor read the manga so I cannot compare.

Found at: Kissasian