Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

  • Native title: 吸血少女対少女フランケン

  • Also Known as: Kyū , ketsu Shō , jo tai Shō , jo Furanken

The story begins to unfold after Mizushima carelessly accepts a honmei choco spiked with Monami's blood, causing him to become a half vampire. When Keiko discovers their secret, she attacks Monami but accidentally throws herself off the school roof in the process. Her premature death leads to her father using the blood solution to transform her into a vicious Frankenstein's monster. From then on Monami and Keiko battle each other in the pursuit of winning Mizushima's heart, regardless of his feelings towards either of them. (

OAL the smartest WTH movie you ever funny... soo over the top campy. I loved it

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