Okaasan, Ore wa Daijoubu

  • Native title: 母さん、俺は大丈夫

  • Also Known as: Mom, I'm okay; Kaasan, Ore wa daijoubu;

  • Genres: Drama, Family, Tragedy

Sasaki Ryohei, the second son of the Sasaki family, is a high school student who lives in Shimane. He has just been chosen to be the vice captain of the youth soccer club. Setting his sights on participating in the prefectural championship, Ryohei practices every day with his buddies. Because his mother, Moeko, spends all her time caring for his bedridden younger brother, Shohei, who has had a long hospitalisation for anincurable illness since the age of three, he leads life with his father, Hiroshi, like a single-father household. One day, Ryohei has a severe headache and is brought to the hospital. (https://mydramalist.com/15363-okaasan-ore-wa-daijoubu)

OAL: I could not help but compare this to Kamenashi's Yuuki. No where near as in depth as 1 Litre of Tears. Maybe if I was more invested in the lead actor I might have gotten more out of this.

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