Second Love

  • Drama: Second Love

  • Romaji: Sekando Rabu

  • Japanese: セカンド・ラブ

Kei (Kazuya Kamenashi) is a contemporary dancer. He keeps taking auditions for foreign dance companies, while working part-time jobs. Although talented, Kei has yet to pass an audition.

One the day he learns has a failed another audition, Kei becomes depressed and feels like he wants to die. He then sees Yui Nishihara (Kyoko Fukada). Kei is captivated by her.

Yui is in her 30's and a teacher at prestigious female high school. She is having an affair with a colleague who has a wife and a child. She isn't happy with her situation. Not knowing that Kei is looking at her, she walks across a passage connecting two buildings at her school.(

OAL: The two things I remember about this is steamy sexy hot Kame sex scenes..and the fact that this woman was raising lettuce in Germany at the end. The ratings were abysmal and it was cut to eight episodes. Watch it for Kame not the plot....

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