Snakes and Earrings

  • Movie: Snakes and Earrings

  • Romaji: Hebi ni Piasu

  • Japanese: 蛇にピアス

Lui is nineteen years old, beautiful, bored and unmotivated. When she meets Ama in a bar, she finds herself mesmerized by his forked tongue and moves in with him and has her own tongue pierced. Determined to push her boundaries further, she asks Amas friend Shiba to design an exquisite tattoo for her back. But what Shiba demands as payment for the tattoo leads Lui into a brutal and explicit love triangle like no other. Then, after a violent encounter on the backstreets of Tokyo, Ama vanishes and Lui must face up to the reality of her life.(

OAL: This is a super dark tale of one women obsession with only feeling alive when she's in pain. Good but very adult.

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