Time Spiral

  • Drama: Time Spiral

  • Romaji: Taimu Supairaru

  • Japanese: タイムスパイラル

When Natsuki Aizawa (Meisa Kuroki) was a child, she was kidnapped which left her traumatized. Natsuki grew up relying on her friend Kentaro Yuki (Yuta Hiraoka). She now studies physics at a university. One day, she meets newly appointed professor Shuya Tatsumi (Gackt). Afterwards, mysterious events continually happen around Natsuki Aizawa. Shuya is time traveller who travels between the future and the past. (http://asianwiki.com/Time_Spiral)


OAL: This drama was weird but I think I liked it, the ending made all of it worth it. While the drama SEEMS to be about the heroine, it is actually a journey for the Male lead.

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