Sukeban Deka (1985)

  • Native title: スケバン刑事

  • Also Known as: Delinquent Girl Detective

Asamiya Saki was the ruling Sukeban of Takanoha Gakuen High which eventually led her to prison. Her mother was also incarcerated on death row - charged with the murder of her husband. Saki was then approached by Kurayami-Shirei with a deal - work for "The Cabinet" as an agent for the new "Sukeban Deka Project" and she and her mother would be freed - or she could just rot in jail. Anoffer she couldn't refuse.(

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OAL: I watched this to fulfill a watch challenge requirement and while the story is good, the 80's cinematography was just cringe worthy. The same thing happens when I watch The A-team or the Incredible hulk - 80s american tv.

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